Roof Curb Adapter Manufacture and Install

What is a Roof Curb?

In this setting a curb is a gadget used to make an opening in a rooftop, it isolates the roofing material and gives basic support to the hardware that will sit on it. In a Roof Top Unit (RTU) application, inside the curb will be backings where conduits will hang so the air can course through the rooftop into the building.

What is a Roof Curb Adapter

Often when an RTU is being replaced, the new unit does not identically match the existing curb size and duct drop locations. A curb adapter must be custom manufactured to move the air from the new unit openings, to the old unit openings.

What types of HVAC equipment will your curb adapter fit?

Our curb adapters are custom made for your needs. We can build to fit any brand and any size of equipment.