Firemac Passive Fire Protection Systems

UVS & Firemac


The range of ducts includes systems suitable for ven la on, kitchen extract, smoke extract and pressurisa on. These duct systems have a fire resistance period of up to 240min when tested to BS476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944-1985). Each duct system is based on galvanised or stainless steel ductwork which must be fabricated in accordance with the relevant B&ES (formerly HVCA) documents such as DW/144, DW/172 and TR19, with the addi onal requirements presented in the Firemac Technical Manual. These addi onal requirements include the applica on of Firemac FM Fabric PSA, the correct sealants, Firemac FM Acrylic Intumescent Sealant and Firemac FM Extruded Butyl Tape, and adequate access panels, Firemac FM Access Panels.

As lives and property may depend on the performance of Firemac FM Fire Duct systems in the event of a fire it is impera ve that the fabrica on of the duct sec ons, and the installa on of the fire resistance ductwork system, exactly mirror the design and build of the tested systems. A correctly installed Firemac FM Fire Duct system will contain the fire and ensure that smoke and fire does not spread from the room of origin. The duct system can also be vital in clearing smoke before or during the fire so escape routes remain clear allowing emergency services to find the source of the fire and rescue occupants.
Un l recently, test and third party cer fica on bodies have permi ed the use of a variety of sealants in fire duct joints. However, they now consider such elements of the system more cri cal and, therefore, Firemac now supply the sealants and tape that were actually used in the test specimens.


Firemac FM Fabric PSA is a carefully selected fire protec on glass fibre fabric which is bonded and mechanically fixed to the outer face of galvanised or stainless steel ductwork, to achieve the required fire performance. The fabric has a self-adhesive backing so addi onal adhesive is not required. This improves quality control and makes logis cs, storage and health & safety much simpler. The fabric is less than 0.5mm thick and adds virtually nothing to the overall weight of the duct.

Other benefits include the fact that the system does not require any curing me, meaning the duct sec ons can be fabricated and delivered without the delay of other compe ng systems. The light grey colour of the fabric ensures that the finished duct is unobtrusive but the fabric s ll clearly iden fies the ductwork as a life safety system. The fabric is embossed with the Firemac logo and the words ‘FIRE RESISTANT’ or ‘FIRE RATED’.
The Firemac FM Fabric PSA is available in rolls approximately 50m long and 1230mm and 1550mm wide


This high quality acrylic sealant can be used in longitudinal and transverse duct joints in non-fire rated ductwork as well as in the Firemac FM Fire Duct.
The sealant is supplied in 300ml cartridges in boxes of 25. The standard sealant colour is grey but other colours can be provided on request, depending on quan ty. Firemac FM Silicone Sealant is available on request, depending on quantity.


This high performance tape is a preformed polyisobutylene (PIB) based, self-adhesive sealant tape. It is generally preferred to seal joints between duct sec ons due to its excellent sealing proper es, ease of use and solvent free formula on. The tape is supplied in single strand or mul -lane rolls.


The Firemac FM Fabric PSA is marked with the Firemac logo and the words ‘FIRE RESISTANT’ or ‘FIRE RATED’. However, several clients prefer to mark the ducts in a more obvious way and so Firemac can provide a self- adhesive tape that states that the duct is a fire duct system. We can also provide plaques that can be secured to a wall near the duct in each room. This plaque gives the name of the duct system and the name and contact number of the installer. This means that in future site inspec ons the name of the system and the installer is readily iden fied for any remedial works or for further installa ons. The iden ty tapes and plaques are supplied free of charge.